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ATWT Walkthrough Series: Create a Restful API with Node and Express.

Organized By
All Things Web Tech
Dec 6
06:30 PM - 08:30 PM

• What we'll do
In this meetup we walkthrough together how to create a Restful API using:
- Node.js
- MongoDB and MySQL
- Express
- Will provide a unit test for everyone to use and be able to expand and test their ajax calls.

We will write a simple Create, Read, Update and Delete HTTP request that is fully functional and testable.

This will help in using your Javascript skills to create a simple service. Then this data can be accessed on any application by using a simple ajax call and use the JSON data that it returns. Through the process feel free to ask questions and I will help in guiding people along.

Goal Time: 90 Minutes
If it goes over, do not worry. All code will be on github.

• What to bring
- Computer with an IDE installed in it (atom, visual studio code, sublime, or whatever)
- Node, MongoDB should be installed