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Commuter Benefits, Parking, Paid Volunteer Time, Pair programming, 500K-1M amount

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The smarter, simpler way to budget and take control of your money. Medean is the all-in-one budget tracker and P2P financial planner that finally puts your spending and savings into context. Find out how your finances compare with people like you, complete money-saving Achievements, and track your Medean Score.

Volunteer in local community
Eat lunch together
Daily stand up
Team based strategic planning
Local Employees
Holberg Financial
Edtech • Fintech
Holberg Financial is a mission-driven financial health perk that helps employees reduce financial stress and work towards their financial goals and dreams. - Attract top talent by offering a desired benefit - Retain employees by helping them achieve financial health - Empower employees by making them more informed, confident, and more...

Dental Benefits
Health Insurance Benefits
Wellness Programs
Flexible Work Schedule
Local Employees