How ShipBob and Victory Lap Make Networking Fun

June 13, 2017

Networking can sometimes be draining, awkward, and worst of all, unsuccessful. That’s why ShipBob + Friends: Hosted by Victory Lap was created. This event is networking made fun. Not only is it hosted in a large, open space (better known as the ShipBob office), but music and beers will also be provided. To show you what networking should be, this month’s host is Brian Bar, Founder and CEO of Victory Lap. You’ll leave feeling proud, excited, and ready to lead your career somewhere new.


Here’s why anyone and everyone should attend this event: Victory Lap and ShipBob are making networking fun and different. This event isn’t your typical meet and greet - scrape only the surface of who you are - networking event. It is a chance for like-minded individuals to have their own type of happy hour, meeting some new friends and colleagues along the way.


The goal is simple: to bring great people together, bonding over music and drinks. Not to mention, featuring a really cool local Chicago company: Victory Lap.


If this is networking, what’s not to love?


Here are the must know details:


  • Date: June 22, 2017

  • Time: 5pm - 7pm

  • Location: ShipBob, 2156 W. Fulton Street

  • Host(s): Brian Bar and Victory Lap


RSVP for free: Eventbrite


Trust me, you’ll be thanking ShipBob and Victory Lap down the line of your career.