2016 Best Social Impact Startup

May 17, 2016

Built In Chicago’s Moxie Awards are back, and this year we’re celebrating Chicago’s cream-of-the-crop digital technology companies like never before. Check out the finalists for Best Social Impact Startup, and be sure to vote for your favorite here

To see which company comes out on top, mark your calendars for June 16 at Morgan Manufacturing. We’ll meet you there. Get your tickets now— you won’t want to miss out!

Best Social Impact Startup

Edovo works to reduce recidivism by providing incarcerated people with access to tech-enabled educational and rehabilitative programming. Courses are tailored to inmates’ learning-levels and interests, and our incentive-based platform engages users. Edovo turns incarceration into motivation, while enhancing facility operations and security.

Infiniteach leverages mobile technology to connect the one in 45 individuals being diagnosed with autism to the people and world around them through best practice strategies. We empower a deserving community to reach their full potential.

Patients know and trust their existing healthcare providers. By working in conjunction with those teams, Regroup is able to provide access to patients when and where it can be most effective. The company is already providing these services to well-known outpatient centers, hospitals and primary care clinics. Those entities say that before Regroup, patients simply were not receiving the care they needed. Now, for Regroup partners, mental health shortage is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Skill Scout’s on a crusade against lame hiring. We bring jobs and candidates to life through job videos and hands-on interviews. Jobs become exciting. Candidates who don’t look good on paper show their skills. Companies tell us they’re hiring people they never would’ve considered before. #HRAgainstLame

Zero Percent PBC has a platform that helps restaurants and corporate dining to donate perishable food, prevent waste and help their bottom line. It has rescued 1.1 million meals from over 100 businesses for more than 70 local charities. We believe hunger is a distribution problem. Chicago, we can solve it!

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