8 Chicago coding bootcamps and schools you should know

by Andreas Rekdal
July 22, 2019

If you’re looking to break into the technology scene, learning how to code is still your best bet. Fortunately, Chicago is home to a number of intensive bootcamp programs tailored to turn novices into full-fledged developers in a matter of weeks. These coding schools differ from each other in a number of ways, from the languages and frameworks they teach, to duration, intensity and teaching philosophy.

To help you better navigate your options, we’ve assembled a list of seven Chicago coding bootcamps and schools you should know. Where prices are listed, the figure reflects the sticker price. Some bootcamps offer discounts and scholarships for qualifying students.

Happy coding!


designation coding bootcamps chicago

Flatiron School teaches every aspect of user-facing web design, from user experience research to UI design and front end developing.

Languages: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Duration: 18 weeks (6 weeks remote, 12 weeks on campus)

Hours per week: 30 while remote, 70 while on campus

Location: Merchandise Mart

Cost: $11,800

Check out Flatiron School's courses


coding dojo coding bootcamps chicago
coding dojo

Originally started as a program to teach non-techie internal startup employees the skills they needed to transition into engineering roles, Coding Dojo teaches aspiring developers three full stacks over the course of 14 weeks. Headquartered in Seattle, the company is launching a Chicago campus in September 2016.

Duration: 14 weeks

Stacks taught: Python, MEAN, LAMP, and Ruby on Rails. 

Location: 213 W Institute Pl #610

Cost: $13,495

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code platoon coding schools chicago
code platoon

A coding bootcamp exclusively for Armed Forces veterans, Code Platoon seeks to give former military personnel the skills they need to enter the civilian workforce as Ruby developers over a 16 week intensive course.

Duration: 16 weeks (plus an optional 12 week internship)

Hours per week: 70 to 100

Languages and frameworks: Ruby, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Ruby on Rails.

Techniques and approaches: Collaborative problem solving

Location: Merchandise Mart

Cost: $12,700

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coding temple coding bootcamps chicago
coding temple

With its immersive course, Coding Temple strives to make junior developers out of coding novices and experts out of amateurs in two months.

Duration: 10 weeks

Languages and frameworks: HTML, CSS, C#, Angular.js, SQL, git, Entity, ASP.NET and working with APIs.

Techniques and approaches: Pair and solo programming.

Location: The Loop (332 South Michigan Ave.)

Cost: $10,000

Check out Coding Temple's courses


general assembly coding bootcamps chicago
general assembly

In Chicago, General Assembly offers 10 to 12 week full-time courses in web- and Android development. The company has 15 campuses across the world.

Duration: 10 to 12 weeks

Languages and frameworks: Java, Android SDK, Google Play Services, XML, as well as connecting to APIs (Android); JavaScript, CSS, MVC, Node.js, and social integrations (web).

Techniques and approaches: Iterative design and team-based development sprints

Location: Gold Coast (444 N. Wabash Ave.)

Cost: $13,500

Check out General Assembly's courses


fullstack academy coding bootcamps chicago
fullstack academy

The Starter League, which pioneered the bootcamp model in Chicago, was acquired by New York's Fullstack Academy in early 2016. The bootcamp's work in Chicago continues, albeit under a new name.

Duration: 13 weeks

Languages and frameworks: Fullstack JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, Angular, React, SQL, Git.

Techniques and approaches: Test-Driven Development.

Location: Merchandise Mart

Cost: $16,810

Check out Fullstack Academy's courses


metis coding bootcamps chicago

Metis is currently the only accredited data science bootcamp available, providing immersive training in everything required to launch a career in data science. The bootcamp utilizes real-world experience and data that students use to develop a portfolio of five projects. 

Duration: 12 weeks

Languages and frameworks: Python, pandas, Hadoop, Javascript and a variety of other databases, frameworks and languages. 

Techniques and approaches: 2-3 hours of daily instruction followed by 4-6 hours of hands-on development and project work. 

Location: West Loop (1033 W. Van Buren St.)

Cost: $17,000

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mobile makers academy coding bootcamps chicago
mobile makers academy

Mobile Makers is a two-month program dedicated entirely to developing apps for iOS devices. Starting from day one, students work together on building apps, with a particular emphasis on pair programming and team challenges.

Duration: 8 weeks

Languages and frameworks: Swift, Objective-C, Xcode, iOS SDK, Interface Builder, Instruments and git.

Techniques and approaches: Pair programming and agile development.

Location: River North (223 W. Erie St.)

Cost: $10,995

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