Iris Mobile rebrands as Persio to empower marketers with more personalized messaging

August 20, 2015


In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare asks, “What’s in a name?”

Today, one Chicago company has answered that question. As it turns out, there’s quite a lot at stake in names — particularly when it comes to a company’s brand identity. That’s why Iris Mobile has decided to reinvent itself.

Introducing Persio, and their new SaaS solution that empowers retail marketers to create more personalized content across all channels.

“The ongoing discussions with our retail clients and prospects have been consistent,” said Marc Grabowski, Persio CEO, in a statement. “What we heard from them was: ‘Help us better understand what our customers are doing on different channels, so we can optimize the best communications for them. Help us connect all the disparate data silos into a single system that we can manage with ease. Help us be more relevant. More than anything, help us gain better control over our marketing efforts.’”

And that’s exactly what they’re doing.

With Persio, retailers can better engage with their customers on a personal level, directly targeting that consumer’s own style and preferences via web, app, email, and messaging.

“While personalization has been an industry buzzword for the past year, it still eludes most marketers,” Grabowski said. “At Persio, personalization goes beyond product recommendations and segmentation, which are standard marketing practices today. True personalization is linking online to offline conversions. Personalization delivers dynamic offers and campaigns based on a single, integrated view of customer interests. Personalization means the ability to predict accurately how customers will respond to specific offers and messages, in every channel.”

Besides personalization, Persio also enables marketers to automate their campaigns directly from the platform’s interface. Add that to the fact that Persio functions in tandem with the retailer’s existing tech partners, and you’ve got a system that’s engineered to deliver.

The rebrand comes hot off the company’s $2.5 million round of funding in February of this year. Founded in 2008, Persio’s total funding now sits at $5.5 million.

At the time, the company said the funding would be used to create new positions with the company. From the looks of their successful rebrand, more hiring is likely to follow.

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