SIM Partners teams with Vibes to advance mobile wallet technology

by Doug Pitorak
May 14, 2015
[ibimage==47369==Original==none==self==ibimage_align-center]A new partnership aims to blend two technologies, ultimately making life easier for marketers, brands and consumers. 
Chicago-based SIM Partners announced today their new partnership, which will integrate its local marketing automation platform, Velocity, with Vibes’ Catapult Wallet Manager technology. 
As a result, people will now be able to search for shops and restaurants that are near them and simultaneously receive location information and specific coupons that they can redeem. Using Apple Passbook or Google Wallet, for example, people can store those coupons or act on them immediately. When people come within 100 meters of a business’ latitude and longitude, they will be reminded of their coupons. 
“Now that everybody has a computer in their pocket, they aren’t searching for ‘Chicago sushi restaurants. They’re going to search for ‘sushi’ and expect the nearest location to pop up for them,” Adam Dorfman, SVP of product and technology at SIM Partners said. “Whenever they’re within a certain radius of that specific location they’ll be notified to go and redeem it.”
Furthermore, coupons will be tailored to a user’s search, based on product and location. 
Tari Haro, CMO at SIM, said starting the partnership now makes sense, especially considering some recent research from Google, which reported that searches with the words “near me” has increased 34X since 2011 and has almost doubled since 2014. Furthermore, 80 percent of those searches came from mobile devices in Q4 2014, research showed. 
“With what’s happening with mobile and the ‘near me’ search, I feel like there is a huge opportunity for marketers to take advantage of both the ‘near me’ moment using the Velocity platform, and then pull those consumers through with relevant and engaging offers via the Vibes solution,” Haro said. 
Mark Tack, VP of marketing at Chicago-based Vibes, said an important result of the partnership is the opportunity for seamless mass distribution of content. 
“What we’re talking about here is distribution at scale. When you’re talking about search engines, you’re talking about a very wide net of customers who are proactively searching for specific store locations,” Tack said. “We really envision this partnership with SIM leading to a massive distribution opportunity of content going into Passbook and going into Google Wallet for retailers and brands that have a lot of store locations. So, it’s very exciting for us because we really see this as an opportunity for marketers to scale the mobile wallet opportunity.” 
The technology works with iOS and Android operating systems. 

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